The Future is Green............... & Yellow!


For Spinneys Contract & Support Services Division the only way is up!

So says the General manager Philip Jowett. ‘We have a very ambitious strategy for this the new era of the division’, he said ‘we are already catering for 41 contracts and serving 20,000 meals a day. We may not be the biggest player in the market but we are certainly considered to be one of the best. Why? That’s an easy question to answer, the Spinneys brand is the most powerful magnet that pulls us onward and upward in our desire to live up to such high quality company ideals. We believe in the brand, we respect the brand, we know what this brand means to the millions of people in the UAE and the region, and so we must deliver the services, product and commitment that our many faithful customers expect. It’s as simple as that’.

‘Our new team is second to none’, Jowett says ‘everyone is a dedicated professional in his or her own sphere of ability. The only thing holding us back is time, 365 days is simply not enough to fulfill all the goals we are striving to score. We will grow to the point where our name will be synonymous with Quality Catering Services on an industrial scale’.